Commercial buildings have unique needs that are different than typical single-family or multi-unit residential structures. Heavy usage by retail clients, high turnover of occupants, large utility costs and liability concerns related to structural integrity can impact the economic viability of the commercial building. A better-built structure that has superior durability and reduced operating costs is highly attractive to owners and occupants of commercial spaces.

Builders, engineers and architects are more often opting to utilize the benefits of SPF in commercial buildings today because when properly installed, SPF can actually improve building durability, structural strength and resistance to water and moisture. SPF is one of the leading materials that meets and often exceeds building code requirements, including air barrier and insulation or R-value.

With spray foam, you can lower construction costs. meet or exceed today's stringent building code requirements. and provide your customers with the benefits of spray foam.

Likely Lower Construction Costs:

  • by reducing the amount of added air sealing required to meet code requirements. Spray foam acts as both insulation and an air barrier that seals the building envelope, reducing the need for additional air sealant materials. Also. some jurisdictions require air tightness tests to prove compliance. A spray foam building assembly can be tested before the drywall is applied, which could save you time and avoid costly repairs if defects are found.

  • by reducing construction time. Spray foam fits into hard to reach places and can be applied directly onto existing roof coverings, which could eliminate the need for costly and time consuming tear-off and replacement.

Provide Your Customers With The Benefits Of Spray Foam

Whether its a home or office building. strip mall or corner store, owners are concerned about building performance and energy efficiency. Spray foam can help you provide long-term value to your customer. With spray foam. your customers can enjoy many benefits like energy efficiency. durability, low maintenance. leak-resistance. wind protection, and comfortable, draft-free homes or buildings.
Spray foam is an excellent way that you can provide energy reductions to your customers.
The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SP FA) conducted a life cycle assessment of spray foam insulation. The results of the study show that the energy and environmental benefits from spray foam insulation used in new residential construction and commercial roofing retrofits far outweigh the embodiedenergy and embodied environmental impacts.

Choose A Professional Spray Foam Contractor

When including spray foam in your building project, consider working with a trained, professional SPF contractor.